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Agreeably the oldest team sport in recorded history, polo was born in Persia over 2500 years ago. This legendary sport was adapted originally to train royal armies, for it resembled a battlefield. As empire territories widened vastly, polo swept lands all across Asia. Great kings and their cavaliers were expected to be honorable gladiators, skillful slayers, and extraordinary players of polo. Thus emerging as "The Sport of Kings", this noble game was then conceived in Europe and the Americas.

While having been recognized for its development among the refined and elite socialites of upper class society, modern polo blends the elegant charm of the spectators with the beautiful and riveting equitation performed in a match. Today, polo is enjoyed by the masses and involves various clubs and polo enthusiasts alike!



About Pacific Polo Tour

Pacific Polo Tour is committed to continuing the growth of professional polo in Los Angeles with all the prestige and glamour of this amazing sport. Our vision is to restore the popularity of polo in the LA area so that the public may have the opportunity to enjoy the natural unforgettable moments that come from watching these world-class competitions.

Our polo events embody luxury and class with delightful eats and drinks and sophisticated décor, meanwhile setting an exciting atmosphere with all the entertainment that comes from watching a thrilling polo match.

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