Will Rogers State Park

Will Rogers State Park

Will made his home in Beverly Hills during the early twenties. In 1922 Will bought the property above Sunset Boulevard commanding a view of western Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean, where he built a small weekend cottage. In 1926, he built a polo field on the land. In 1928 Will, his wife Betty, and their three children - Will Jr., Mary, and Jimmy - moved to the ranch, and the home was enlarged to it's present size of thirty-one rooms.

Today, the grounds and the ranch buildings are maintained as they were when the family lived here. The living room - with it's comfortable furniture, porch swing in the center room, and many Indian rugs and baskets - is most revealing of Will's personality. The mounted calf was given to him to rope in place of roping his friends.

The attractive patio was often used for dining. The north wing of the house contains the family's bedrooms. Will's study, the library, and Betty's favorite, the sunroom.

His ranch reflects his roots in horsemanship, starting with the polo field, which is the first thing you see when you look south from the parking area. The field is the only outdoor polo field in Los Angeles county. Featured in many movies and TV shows, the polo field features a gentle slope that forms an area for viewing the polo action.

Up from the parking area are the ranch buildings, including the visitor center, which once the ranch guest house. The visitor center features a film on the life of Will Rogers, literature and an audio tour of the grounds. The ranch buildings and grounds are maintained as they were when the Rogers family lived there in the late 1920s and 1930s. But the park is more than just an historic site, it's also a working ranch. The park still retains many of the western equestrian activities that were a part of Will Rogers' life. Up the hill from the main guest ranch, above the green expanse of lawn, are the stables, which have recently been renovated.


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